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  • Play every point: In Beach volleyball there are only two players per a team, no subs and coaching is only allowed during timeouts. You learn how and why, developing a cerebral approach to the game...No Robots!

  • More reps + all skills = Better player: On the beach each skill is magnified and players must be accustomed to passing, setting, defending and attacking every play.

  • Communication!!!: Open and positive communication is a must to be successful on the beach! At DSV we strive to teach the fundamentals of positive relationship building skills that will extend into all aspects of a player's life.

  • Sand: Not only does it push your body to the limits physically, improving your overall length strength and conditioning, but sand angels are awesome!​

What is Beach Volleyball...Who is playing...Why should I play...Alright, let me in on the FUN!

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  • Top Level Coaching: Comparing the beach game to indoor is like Futbol to Football! At DSV we are Directed and Led by former top Professional Beach player and University of Arizona assistant beach volleyball coach, Claire D'Amore. Plus, she was a standout Indoor player, so she can relate to the transition and hurdles that Indoor players must overcome. 

  • Play, Play and Play some more: Starting in March and extending through October, multiple tournaments are held weekly in Arizona and California. You pick the tourney, find a partner and play.

  • ​​Scholarships:  With recent NCAA sponsorship, colleges are jumping on board with over 50+ Universities and many more small colleges providing scholarships.