Testimonial from Madison Witt Willis, Professional Beach Player

Claire D’Amore has played a pivotal role in my development as an athlete and young woman. I met Claire on day 1 of my beach volleyball career and at the time, didn’t fully understand how valuable her skillset was and how much she would come to mean to me as a person. Claire is the type of coach who will sacrifice her own needs in order to serve the community of players around her and give them her absolute best at all times. She teaches with so much passion and is extremely knowledgeable about the game and sport as a whole from her own first hand experiences. My favorite thing about Claire is that she cares just as much about athletes’ wellbeing and mental health as much as she does their growth technically. Claire is a woman that I respect so highly and will always look up to as a coach, mother, friend, and mentor. I am so grateful the future of young beach volleyball athletes in Tucson are in the hands of this incredible, generous, woman!

nikki fanshaw