AAU District Championship
to Jun 9

AAU District Championship


25 W Calle Concordia, Tucson AZ


REGISTER HERE https://volleyballlife.com/tournament/338

16U & 12U will be held on Saturday June 8th

18U & 14U will be held on Sunday June 9th


12:30P-1:15P Check-In/Warm-Up

1:15P-1:20P Player Meeting

1:20P-1:25P Court Assignments

1:25P-1:30P Final Warm-Up

1:30P-6:00P Pool Play

6:00P-8:00P Playoffs

8:00P-9:00P Semifinals

9:00P-10:00P Gold Match

*Start times are subject to change


Pool play will be one game to 21, cap at 21 and all teams advance to the playoffs. Playoffs will be match play (best of 3 sets). Sets 1 & 2 are games to 21 (switch every 7 points), win by 2, no cap. Set 3 (if needed) is a game to 15 (switch every 5 points), win by 2, no cap. When there are 10 or more team for an age division, then 4 teams of that age division will earn bids to the AAU Junior Olympic Games in Santa Monica, CA. When there 5-9 teams for an age division, then 2 teams of that age division will earn bids. 


There will be one paid official that will supervise pool play games. The official is NOT on the court officiating the games; however, the official will be available for all 4 courts during pool play in order to answer questions and reverse a call if needed. The players will still be assigned as working teams during pool play. During the playoffs, there will be 4 paid officials (one on every court) that will keep score and serving order. Players will still be working as additional help for flipping the scoreboard and retrieving volleyballs for the court.

Please contact allen@thesandclub.com or 480-560-5090 if you have any questions or concerns.


There is NO REFUND due to injury or weather cancellation. 

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